My Library

Bailey, Dennis and Gates, Keith. Bike repair and maintenance for dummies

Canterbury, Dave. The Bushcraft field guide to trapping, gathering, and cooking in the wild

Elbroch, Mark and Rinehart, Kurt. Behavior of north american mammals

Forstchen, William. Dies Irae: Day of wrath

Forstchen, William. One second after

Forstchen, William.  One year after

Jamison, Richard and Linda. Woodsmoke

Korchanski, Mors. Bushcraft 
Lundin, Cody. When all hell breaks loose

Mears, Raymond. The outdoor survival handbook

Monahan, Sherry. The cowboys cookbook

National outdoor leadership school. The NOLS Cookery

Rezendes, Paul. Tracking and the art of seeing

Sheldon, Jan. Animal tracks of northern California

Stewart,Creek  Build the perfect bug out vehicle

Stewart, Creek.  The unofficial Hunger Games wilderness survival guide

Stewart, Creek. Survival hacks

Sundqvist, Wille. Swedish carving techniques

Tilford, Gregory L.  Edible and. L medicinal plants of the west

Taste of home Grill it!

Wiseman, John “Lofty”  SAS urban survival handbook