Clouds and silver linings

Winslow turned out to be a bust. I went over there to be with friends but I had a rude awakening.
I mentioned a flat tire in a previous post. I tried calling all three “friends” with no answer, thankfully a cop showed up. When I got to camp it was worse. If I got anything, it was terse conversation. It seems like they abandoned me for a reason…..they were done “helping” me.  A little background is in order, you see two years ago we met and I thought it was friendship. This one friend broke down so I towed her back to camp, and took her to town, shopping and errands for about two weeks until she bought another vehicle. In return she set up a Gofundme account so I could get a camper. But then she gave me the $800, I screwed up and spent it. There was the time  my dogs got away and I had to rescue them to the tune of $215 and other things happened and within 2-3 months it just slipped away. I mean sure, I’m not the best budgeter, but that doesn’t  mean abandoning me on the freeway then dumping our friendship? And then insulting and calling me names and telling to go home.

But, and it’s a big but.  😉
I was mad for half the drive back,  but I realized that I’ve become complacent that there would always be someone to help, but I shouldn’t be that way. I need to get back to thinking there’s only me and I need to take care of myself, with God’s help.

I have been praying but, I thought I was getting unanswered prayers, but I wasn’t listening myself. It’s time to open my ears and find a church.


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