Dealing with depression

“She” said being homeless is stressful. Yea, only when “she” comes around.

“She” being a CPS worker. Yes, they call it something different in Arizona but it’s all the same beast.

The ranger in Coconino NF where one of my camps were came over to hassle me and he padded his report to say I was living in squalor and neglect of my son.
I’m sorry but there was one trash bag and 3 cans that my grrls were playing with.

So, CPS was called and she came over in a 2015 Ford Explorer and talked to my son for over 30 minutes in her car. When it was over, I had some hoops to jump through.

Why can’t people mind their own business?

So now I have to do some things that Society thinks I should do and I’m getting pretty depressed.

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