16 years ago I was homeless in San Francisco and had taken to wearing camouflage pants as a sign of respect and solidarity for my dad and brothers who served. As I was walked downtown, I passed a few homeless vets and one angrily told me to stop wearing camos  because it was disrespectful. He put in a few colorful words in there, too.  😉
I was shocked into not saying anything, but I’m saying it now.

I will start wearing them again in respect to my family’s service and all other vets, homeless and homed.  😉

Besides, all those pockets are handy for EDC.

I wish I was like all those flowery blog writers and pour my feelings out there because I feel strongly about this, but I’m just me.


2 thoughts on “Respect

  1. It would have been interesting to hear why he thought it was disrespectful. Only reason I can think of is that he thought you were pretending to be one of them when you weren’t *shrug*.

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