Steiner’s Flats Campground

I apologize for not posting, but I’ve been in paradise. Found a great camp spot in the Trinity mountains by the Trinity river. Awesome place and I will be back. No internet so we’ve had to (gulp) read and do non internet things.


Everyone loved it, the grrls loved swimming in the river.


There’s gold in the river, but I’ve found gold of a different sort, plants, I’ve ID’d 4 more from my book.
Steiner’s Flats is the name of the campground.



Having  a cuddly morning.

Got one more week, Seeya!


2 thoughts on “Steiner’s Flats Campground

  1. Oh, funny – when I first saw that picture of Russ and Kaley, I thought Kaley’s face was just part of his t-shirt. It took me a minute to connect your comment to her face 🙂 It looks like a wonderful place. Is this one of the free campgrounds?

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