Prize possession and a re-awakening

About 30 years ago, I was riding the rails with my then husband, I found out he rode before so I said cool, lets go.

Anyway, we landed in  Elko, Nevada and decided to go to church, it being the Sabbath. So we looked up the address and went, mind you, we just came off the train.

The people were so friendly and welcoming, they hugged us despite our protesting that we were dusty.

I was given this bible.


After church, we were invited to the pastor’s house for lunch.  After the great visit, the pastor walked us most of the way back to the tracks. There was a small stream between us and the tracks and he joked about parting the waters.  🙂

Fast forward 30 years.

I have been visiting the Tillamook Adventist church in Oregon recently and have been woken up. The church has been  very welcoming here. Whereas I  visited the Elko SDA only one day, I’ve been at the Tillamook SDA for 3 weeks and I’m getting attached to a few people here. I mean, how can I not be with a pastor that rides a bike!

I’m sorry to leave but I must keep going.

 But Tillamook has a place in my heart beside Elko.


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