Back at Steiner’s Flat aka HIPPIES!!

This was my favorite spot, so I find my here yet again. I find myself plagued by rainbows or hippies again. These campsites are a good sized for families, etc. I had 2 male rainbows and 1 female rainbow thinking they can just use the best part of the campsite for their own, I didn’t mind the first weekend, but when they were creeping Russ out and asking if he did weed and LSD! They’re leaving today (wed.).  It’s like having roaches in your living room. 

​​Thursday 29th. I moved yesterday to a more shadier spot, but no river access.

Went for a walk with Russ and the grrls and their car was running when we came back, just as we passed they drove off with a cheery wave. Perfect timing or they were waiting for us to come back?

I gave them the one finger salute and the bitch laughed.  

It takes a special asshat to knowingly bother people and keep at it until they move. I know this to be true about rainbows and hippies.

 In Bakersfield Wal-Mart, earlier this year, about 3 rainbow vehicles parked near me and the grrls barked at their dog, I moved a couple isles away, then a couple “boys” rode bikes by the Tahoe, hooting and hollering at the dogs, making them bark until I moved to the other side of the parking lot.

Flagstaff Wal-Mart, a few years ago, a bunch of rainbow creatures set up a tent!

They even hit Coos Bay, Oregon!

Please, if you see some rainbow creatures panhandling, DO NOT FEED OR GIVE MONEY!! They breed and trash campsites. Their food of choice are herbage,  psychedelics and beer.

To know if rainbows have previously been in a camp check for toilet paper everywhere, cans and bottles strewn about, even in the river, and possibly clothes left around.
On a good note, some hunters are camped nrarby and they bagged one and Kaylee got a hind leg.

River buried hers.


One thought on “Back at Steiner’s Flat aka HIPPIES!!

  1. Marchelle Raynor

    Had never heard of them being called Rainbows. But thank you for the history lesson. Now I know. Every now and then I catch one of your blogs and enjoy what the west coast is like. I know where I will not go for camping now. Thank you and enjoy your travels. Stay safe always.

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