Magazines vs Books

This is just my opinion.
Magazines vs books, I’m trying to figure out where to spend my money.

Looking at my small stack of 15 magazines, most of them American Survival Guide. I first noticed that two articles in the same issue Jan. 2017 had the same COLD acronym as my Cody Lundin book!

I figured why add weight and redundancy to my small Tahoe, so I’m cutting my magazines except Backwoodsman. American Survival guide is about $8.99 a pop. Now if I had a house and a job, I’d definitely get ASG again and offgrid and mags like that.

It seems like magazines are like tv as opposed to books are movies, mags are quick info with flashy graphics and books have more substance.
So I’m on a book hunt. Looking for more Creek Stewart, Tony Nestor and more of type. Suggestions?

That’s it for now, seeya.


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