More madness

I have never seen so much madness.

First off, with the RTR crowd, there are so many people jumping in the insulting Bob wagon, blogs, vlogs and Facebook.

 It really makes my sick. Oh, they sure stay at RTR and enjoy what’s going on, while insulting the host!

I’ve been doing this for 4 years and never seen it so bad until this year.

And the madness elsewhere.

I’m dreading watching the news on the 20th.

People planning protests and planning chemical attacks on buildings. Thanks to my friend Brittius it’s insurrection and should be treated accordingly.

 I bet Obama and  his bosses are laughing they’re heads off.
But, you know what, I’ve read the story and I know how how it ends, loser


4 thoughts on “More madness

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    It’s not a protest. They refuse to accept due process of election law, which makes it, Insurrection.
    There’s plenty that can be done, but nobody will be giving any orders to shoot unless the insurrectionists shoot first.Let them tear the place to shreds, it’s only DC, with a Marxist mayor, and Marxist police chief. Let the insurance companies pony up the money for destruction of property and looting.
    If I were president, I would arrest all the insurrectionists under NDAA and hold them at Area-51, in sequestered detention, until a closed court can hear each case individually. Federal prison time, no parole.
    Maybe lashes of the whip would do them better, and would help them mature.

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