4 thoughts on “Exercising your rights

  1. Don’t think you’ll have rights in a marshal law scenario.
    To think so and act all righteous and indignant will probably get you killed.
    The only person with rights at that time is law enforcement.
    You need to be thinking grey man, not brave man.
    After all once you are killed, whose going to look after your family.

      1. Yes I did and yes there are good points there.
        Except what points were raised RELY on everyone playing by some B.S. code of ethics or law.

        That seldom happens especially if the LE or government comes under fire.

        There is a saying, No OP-PLAN survives the first bullet.

        For self preservation, I’d start with the thought of everyone is going to be on edge and all it will take is one fool to open up, on both sides.

        After all if marshal law is declared, court may be the wall at the back.

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