One thought on “7 Real-Life Examples of EDC Kits – Primal Survivor

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    I only need two things, fire and knife. I make primitive fire, but something like a Doan’s magnesium bar, and a fire steel, makes life easier. The problem with “preppers”, we were called “Survivalists” in the 1980s, is that too much junk is carried. It’s kind of like when I travel with my wife, she takes several suitcases and then about four tote bags, while I take only bare essentials. She hates that, but never learned from me the importance. In other words, practice your firemaking skills, then practice your knife honing skills. Camping skills, in general, will always be worth their weight in diamonds. Learning silence, unless a communication need or emergency, saves a whole bunch of unnecessary chatter and, excessive talk, causes panic and fear to set in. Few discuss those skills. I tend to assess trash that I come upon. How old is it? Can it be repurposed and utilized? Same with forage. Usually dandelion and berries. All the pine trees around here are all but gone, but were all over the place, and a Native American who was my grandfather’s friend, taught me the importance of the pine tree and the secrets it holds. Simplicity. Avoid gimmicks or anything that depends on batteries if possible. I am also very fond of paper maps. I still do not have a clue of how to use the truck GPS, nor do I understand people’s dependency on something where if satellites are blocked, or batteries die, they are in a panic mode. Learn topography. Sun position and time. Use your hand to determine time and distance. Then, all the toys become an amusement, but unnecessary.

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