5 thoughts on “How To Treat A Painful Sprain On The Field | Prepper’s Will

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    Keep telling yourself that it is discomfort, and not pain. No matter how bad it is, you tell yourself that you can take more.
    Several years ago I had a compound fracture of the shoulder with the bone exposed through my skin. I drove 35 miles to get help. The hospital people were trying to push the poor injured old man crap. I would have none of it. They did give me six units of morphine (the tiger shot = six units when they work on tigers), and I refused a body cast, and refused physical therapy. I did everything myself and came out stronger, to this day. Not even pain killers, only a bourbon bottle when things got a bit to withstand. Bottom line is, if you tell yourself that you have pain, you will, have pain. Think of pain as being good for you, because if you can feel it, the wiring is hooked up and running. If there is nothing, then you have problems and possibly nerve death. Be tough.

    1. I had a pulled tendon in my shoulder that turned into bursitis and a damaged nerve in my finger, was breaking down boxes and cut along my left knuckle. Now whenever I rub my hand, I get nerve for a few minutes. The shoulder only acts up once in a while.

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