One thought on “The Act of Killing: Not So Easy; Is It Something You Can Live With?

  1. Brittius

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    Some people are weaker than others, while most lack the training, mindset, and motivations. In my official capacity on the streets, I had absolutely zero issues killing seven armed gunmen, who, were shooting at me. Everyone said that my military training and experience made me cold blooded, and I noticed the weaker people brought up that I was a hunter. I reminded them that I also worked in a slaughterhouse for one year. It all, had nothing to do with, the professionalism and clinical detachment of taking a life (or several), when it is a necessity. Listen to me: It’s already inside of you. I didn’t put it in you. You were born with it. Everyone, is a child of a survivor. Think generations back, who survived wars, famine, lions, dinosaurs or something, but nobody would be here today, if generations back, they did not survive something or other. It’s in you. Get to know it and if necessary use it correctly to defend your family or third party, or property, or nation. You’re a hell of a lot tougher than you think you are.

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