My Library

Bailey, Dennis and Gates, Keith. Bike repair and maintenance for dummies

Canterbury, Dave. The Bushcraft field guide to trapping, gathering, and cooking in the wild

Elbroch, Mark and Rinehart, Kurt. Behavior of north american mammals

Forstchen, William. Dies Irae: Day of wrath

Forstchen, William. One second after

Forstchen, William.  One year after

Jamison, Richard and Linda. Woodsmoke

Korchanski, Mors. Bushcraft 
Lundin, Cody. When all hell breaks loose

Mears, Raymond. The outdoor survival handbook

Monahan, Sherry. The cowboys cookbook

National outdoor leadership school. The NOLS Cookery

Rezendes, Paul. Tracking and the art of seeing

Sheldon, Jan. Animal tracks of northern California

Stewart,Creek  Build the perfect bug out vehicle

Stewart, Creek.  The unofficial Hunger Games wilderness survival guide

Stewart, Creek. Survival hacks

Sundqvist, Wille. Swedish carving techniques

Tilford, Gregory L.  Edible and. L medicinal plants of the west

Taste of home Grill it!

Wiseman, John “Lofty”  SAS urban survival handbook 

This blog is morphing.

As you probably know I am doing this blog on a smart phone so I probably don’t have all the features of doing it on a laptop. Anyway, I just learned a new button so I’m happy about that.  🙂

For those that don’t know, I live in a 1995 Chevy Tahoe. I’m in the Arizona desert right now and I’d like to show those that don’t know some survival skills. So there will be things about living in a van or car and how to do things a little easier.

There will be a little of both.

Happy Birthday to me!

I’m 50 today. When I was younger I thought 30 was old, I never imagined that I would ever be 50.  See, my dad died of his second heart attack before he turned 50. I’ve had cardiomyopathy and two mini strokes within these last 8 years. Oh, and one unrelated surgery.
I’m feeling my age, always tired, scared to do anything strenuous.

But, I’m thankful (most of the time) 🙂 for my son and two dogs, they give me good and fun times. And also friends and some family that I’m close to.

Every day is a blessing.

A little trouble

Since last time I posted, I’ve had a little trouble. My phone finally died and I couldn’t buy one until the 3rd. Then had a little trouble getting back onto WordPress until now, so I’m playing catchup. 

My last word on friends who aren’t friends. There’s a thing called communication, can’t have a relationship without it. If you didn’t want company, don’t park close to me. Don’t just diss me and send an email. That’s just rude. And using your blog to call this a smothering friendship and trash me? Again, don’t park near me if you don’t want to be friends.

Because of this situation I’ll be spending the winter alone.

Clouds and silver linings

Winslow turned out to be a bust. I went over there to be with friends but I had a rude awakening.
I mentioned a flat tire in a previous post. I tried calling all three “friends” with no answer, thankfully a cop showed up. When I got to camp it was worse. If I got anything, it was terse conversation. It seems like they abandoned me for a reason…..they were done “helping” me.  A little background is in order, you see two years ago we met and I thought it was friendship. This one friend broke down so I towed her back to camp, and took her to town, shopping and errands for about two weeks until she bought another vehicle. In return she set up a Gofundme account so I could get a camper. But then she gave me the $800, I screwed up and spent it. There was the time  my dogs got away and I had to rescue them to the tune of $215 and other things happened and within 2-3 months it just slipped away. I mean sure, I’m not the best budgeter, but that doesn’t  mean abandoning me on the freeway then dumping our friendship? And then insulting and calling me names and telling to go home.

But, and it’s a big but.  😉
I was mad for half the drive back,  but I realized that I’ve become complacent that there would always be someone to help, but I shouldn’t be that way. I need to get back to thinking there’s only me and I need to take care of myself, with God’s help.

I have been praying but, I thought I was getting unanswered prayers, but I wasn’t listening myself. It’s time to open my ears and find a church.


I recently rescued this book from an overflowing book donation spot, it was threatening rain. Anyway, I’m still reading it, but decided to recommend it now anyway

It’s It doesn’t take a hero, the autobiography of H. Norman Schwartzkopf. 
It is a great book about a good man,  but it got me thinking. He went to the same places in Germany that I did, although I did it as an Army brat.
That’s what got me thinking. I have never enlisted myself, but I have a soft spot to those who did. I have posted a lot of anti-gov stuff on Facebook, but never anti- soldier.

Missed opportunities

Just remembering missed opportunities. Sigh, it’s not easy getting old and thinking over what I should’ve done.

Like helicopter pilot school,  Oakland,CA, guy took me up, we went over San Francisco, over Ocean Beach, under Golden Gate Bridge and back. It was great!
The only drawback was my poor vision and poor math skills.

Then MMI, Motorcycle Mechanic Institute, the only drawback was the cost and the reviews, but then again helicopter school was pretty high too.

Then city college and the job that promised to work with my schedule then didn’t.

I wish I could start again.