Book suggestions

I have these books, but I’m thinking I need more. I’m looking for suggestions. I had more but they got rained on two years ago.

Also, I’m looking for crafting books, leatherwork, spoon making, etc.

When all hell breaks loose- Cody Lundin
SAS urban survival handbook- John “Lofty” Wiseman
Tracking & the art of seeing- Paul Rezendes
Behavior of North American mammals- Mark Elbroch & Kurt Rinehart
Wilderness first aid- National safety council
Complete book of outdoor lore- Clyde Ormond
Edible and medicinal plants of the west-Gregory L. Tilford
The outdoor survival handbook- Raymond Mears
Woodsmoke- Richard and Linda Jamison
Animal Dialogues-Craig Childs
One second after-William Forstchen
Going home- A. American
Surviving home-A. American


I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to rethink my spending. I was looking at my magazines and found that they were repeating certain types of articles every two or three issues. And I’ve also noticed that my books say the same thing.  Seeing as these certain magazines are $8.99 each, I spend $70 one month   So, I’m not spending on magazines anymore, I’m saving for gear. Also, I’m a packrat. I have 5 sterlite containers full of food that’s a lot of space and weight, so I’m downsizing. Oh, I forgot to mention three boxes of books. Ugh!

Good news

Well, since I can’t figure out how to put links on this blog from my phone, I’ll just use it for personal messages.

A bit of good news, the next two months I only have the phone bill to worry about, so…there will be a survivalist Christmas. I’ll be buying gear for Mudpuppy and I this year.