More madness

I have never seen so much madness.

First off, with the RTR crowd, there are so many people jumping in the insulting Bob wagon, blogs, vlogs and Facebook.

 It really makes my sick. Oh, they sure stay at RTR and enjoy what’s going on, while insulting the host!

I’ve been doing this for 4 years and never seen it so bad until this year.

And the madness elsewhere.

I’m dreading watching the news on the 20th.

People planning protests and planning chemical attacks on buildings. Thanks to my friend Brittius it’s insurrection and should be treated accordingly.

 I bet Obama and  his bosses are laughing they’re heads off.
But, you know what, I’ve read the story and I know how how it ends, loser

My rant, watered down version. :(

It all started, this time, when I read William Forstchen’s book Day of wrath.

It really bugs me how these people can laugh at murder and other crimes. What happened to Americans that they allow this stuff to happen?  I’m generalizing on purpose here.  I’ve seen videos and read articles that would turn your stomach. And they laugh about it! And the liberals kiss ass.

Oh and by the way, tolerant is a bad word. It’s so you don’t challenge what they’re doing. That and politically correct. Ugh!

It took 8 years of obama to set America over the edge. Heck, National Geographic got on the bandwagon with their latest issue about transgender crap. Men are not men anymore.

Just so ya know, you’re born how ya are, not one of at least ten different genders.
Speaking of obama, he has made us weak and complacent so the muslims can take over. That was his plan all along. The lying bastard! Hope and Change, bet you weren’t expecting that?

And the liberals are getting more militant, what’s up with that? We put up with your choice for 8 years, you can put up with ours for a change. Without putting on diaper pins and calling for Trumps resignation.

 Or what about Hollywood, who cares what you think, you make a living pretending you’re someone else.

I should have wrote this last night, I was on fire. The fire has died down a bit.  😦


16 years ago I was homeless in San Francisco and had taken to wearing camouflage pants as a sign of respect and solidarity for my dad and brothers who served. As I was walked downtown, I passed a few homeless vets and one angrily told me to stop wearing camos  because it was disrespectful. He put in a few colorful words in there, too.  😉
I was shocked into not saying anything, but I’m saying it now.

I will start wearing them again in respect to my family’s service and all other vets, homeless and homed.  😉

Besides, all those pockets are handy for EDC.

I wish I was like all those flowery blog writers and pour my feelings out there because I feel strongly about this, but I’m just me.

Dealing with depression

“She” said being homeless is stressful. Yea, only when “she” comes around.

“She” being a CPS worker. Yes, they call it something different in Arizona but it’s all the same beast.

The ranger in Coconino NF where one of my camps were came over to hassle me and he padded his report to say I was living in squalor and neglect of my son.
I’m sorry but there was one trash bag and 3 cans that my grrls were playing with.

So, CPS was called and she came over in a 2015 Ford Explorer and talked to my son for over 30 minutes in her car. When it was over, I had some hoops to jump through.

Why can’t people mind their own business?

So now I have to do some things that Society thinks I should do and I’m getting pretty depressed.